Water Conservation and Artificial Turf 

By Courts & Greens - February 19th, 2019 in Uncategorized

Water Conservation

Water Conservation and Artificial Turf

Water conservation is more and more important to people today than it was years ago. There are easy things you can do to accurately and readily conserve your outdoor water. This is especially true in California where droughts occur more frequently than other climate/ areas. Here’s a few ways you can make the most of the water you currently have.

Say Goodbye to Natural Grass

What’s annoying about natural grass? It needs constant watering. Even if you water it, it can still dry up and turn brown during the winter or during a drought. Plus, weeds exist in natural grass lawns. Who wants weeds? Not most people! We are happy to report that there are alternatives to natural grass these days. You can reduce green yard space with concrete patios, wooden decks, or your own garden.

Artificial Turf Delivers Beauty Without Heavy Maintenance

While the items mentioned above are good ideas, they won’t give you the green, lush yard you desire year-round. The best aesthetically-pleasing, cost-saving, and environmentally-friendly alternative for real grass is turf. Because artificial turf will give you the beauty you desire without heavy maintenance.

Courts & Greens can turn a section of, or your entire backyard into a maintenance-free, water-free haven. Our experts will custom design and install any shape or size open area. And with a synthetic turf grass area in your backyard, you can entertain anytime. We want you to rest assured, knowing that your foundation can hold up to any traffic.