What’s Under Your Turf?

By Courts & Greens - October 22nd, 2018 in Uncategorized

freshly cut artificial turf by Courts and greens in Bakersfield

What’s Under Your Turf?

Dirt! If you dig deep enough

There are several layers to a  proper artificial turf install; furthermore, picking the right turf and infill is crucial for your application. Also, choosing the right underlying base materials your turf rests on. Proper drainage, impact protection, and padding all contribute to a lasting field – consider all of these when installing your lawn or field.

So, What’s Underneath?

Typically, turf used for sporting applications will include a base layer, ranging from concrete or asphalt to ground rock or simply leveled dirt. sometimes irrigation tubing is laid too, depending on installation. Residential installations typically feature dirt foundations, but some will rely on rock or concrete instead.

Next, take into account shock absorption.  Think that center median divider you drive by on your way to work every day has any need for impact cushioning? Probably not, since it’s an aesthetic addition.

A sports field, however, will have people running, jumping, and falling all over it. Impact padding is added under the turf to reduce injury, and because nobody wants to land on a solid concrete surface with green carpet over it. Lastly, turf is rolled over and infill is spread over the top for extra rebound and texture. It might not seem like it, but there’s quite a lot underneath that crisp green turf you’re playing on.  

At Courts & Greens, we always consider the underneath, and make sure it’s always a soft landing for playgrounds and sporting courtss! Give us a call today for free estimates, and answers to all your questions!