Why Use Turf Shock Pads for Sports Fields and Playground Applications

By Courts & Greens - May 15th, 2020 in Turf, Service

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Why Use Turf Shock Pads for Sports Fields and Playground Applications

Turf shock pads are an essential component of artificial turf systems. It is a multi-layer system that offers many benefits for sports fields and playgrounds. It comprises shock pads, high-quality synthetic turf, and non-compacting sand infill. Not only does it prolong the life of your artificial turf, but it also provides a layer of cushioning for high impact sports.

When you install turf shock pads on a stable base, it creates a uniform and stable playground. This ensures the sports fields can withstand the test of time and weather a range of temperatures. Further, the playground shock pad keeps the fall height consistent so that children, adults, and pets can run, play, and roll as much as they like.

Let’s look at the benefits of turf shock pads to understand why these are a must-have for your sports fields and playgrounds.

Advantages of Turf Shock Pads


Shock pads are very durable and come with warranty. Similar to the padding under your carpet at home, the turf underlayment provides extra comfort and increases the life of your synthetic turf. The high-quality shock pads have an exceptional design to compensate for any expansion and shrinkage due to temperature fluctuations. This ensures high-temperature stability.

High Impact Protection

Turf underlayment is designed for safety. It absorbs the shock from any impact and ensures no vertical deformation. This creates a safer surface for playing all kinds of sports.

Playground shock pads prevent injury and reduce the probability of concussions or other brain-related injuries. So, you and your loved ones can enjoy backyard games without having to worry about injuries.

Weather Resistance

Sports fields and playgrounds are exposed to the elements all year round.  Turf shock pads are specially developed to withstand the changes in weather from season to season.

The polyethylene foam has a unique closed-cell structure that provides excellent vertical and lateral drainage with almost zero water absorption. Besides, it has great water permeability and high dimensional stability.

Critical Fall Height (CFH) Protection

Turf shock pads offer critical collision protection on sports fields. Their ultimate recovery properties provide CFH protection of more than 3 meters. This is the highest safety standard prescribed under DIN EN 1177, the impact attenuating playground surfacing. For this purpose, we combine turf shock pads, synthetic turf, and sand infill of varying thickness based on your needs. The artificial turf system can offer CFH up to 14 feet.

Quick and Easy Installation

Shock pads are very easy to install. They come in rolls that are 2 meters wide. It’s a perfect combination of intelligent design and light-weight materials that make it quick and easy to install.

Get Your Turf Shock Pads Installed Today!

Tired of being cooped indoors? Get turf shock pads for your playgrounds, sports fields, and backyards today!  And let your children, family, and loved ones enjoy outdoor games in a safe environment. Speak to our artificial turf installation professionals at Courts and Greens for more guidance.