5 Easy Turf Maintenance Tips

By Courts & Greens - March 18th, 2020 in Turf

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5 Easy Turf Maintenance Tips

Artificial turf is gaining popularity with homeowners and for good reasons. For one, it offers a low maintenance substitute for natural grass. Second, regular turf maintenance can extend the life of your artificial lawn.

To know more, here are five tips from our turf experts to keep your lawn looking fresh and natural for many years.

1. Using the Right Equipment

Once you install synthetic grass, you won’t need the lawnmower to maintain your lawn groomed all-year-round. However, you will need specific tools such as the rake, the leaf blower, and the hose to keep the artificial turf clean and healthy. You can choose to store these inexpensive tools and equipment in your garden shed or contact our professionals for regular turf maintenance.

2. Removing Pet Waste

While you all love your furry friends, you know it no easy feat to get the accumulated pet hair and feces out of artificial grass. And that is where this next tip comes in handy.

Cleaning up after your pet is quite easy. In case of fresh poop, scoop up the solid waste immediately after your pet has does its business and rinse the turf. However, if the solid waste has been there for some time, let it dry. And then remove it.

Artificial grass allows liquids to seep and drain through. Thus you don’t have to worry about stepping in a pool of pet urine. But, you will need to hose down the turf to rid the stench and urine spots liquid.

Our turf maintenance experts recommend rinsing the lawn at least once a month. You can also join our new turf maintenance programs to extend the life of your turf investment.

3. Getting Rid of Stains

Always be prompt to rinse as soon as you spill to minimize the staining. Do away with chemicals that can cause irreversible damage to your turf. Use your hose to douse the synthetic grass fibers. This will keep your yard looking its best for many years.

Certain substances, such as grease, ink, sunscreen, motor oil, and paint, can lead to stubborn stains. In such cases, use mineral spirits to remove the stains. If you have a stubborn stain and can’t get it out, call our turf maintenance team to help you work out the best option to remove the stain.

4. Raking the Fibers

Regular raking is an essential aspect of your turf maintenance for both natural grass and fake grass. It gives your lawn a fresh and lush appearance. While synthetic grass blades are robust and resilient, even they tend to bend over time. Raking the turf redistributes the grass blades. If you don’t have a rake, you can use a brush.

5. Clean, Rinse, Brush, and Repeat

Yes, it’s that simple. Pick up any solid wastes. Rinse the grass to remove any debris, loose sand, and any other residue. Remember, rinsing is all you need to keep your artificial lawn at its peak. Use a brush with synthetic non-metallic bristles to reduce any damage to the turf. And repeat the process as regularly as possible.

An artificial yard doesn’t require high maintenance like your natural grass. But since the cost of getting an artificial lawn is high, turf maintenance is vital to get the most of your turf investment. Restore and repair your turf with our 8 step inspection process.

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