Turf Growth in 2019

By Courts & Greens - January 9th, 2019 in Uncategorized

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Turf Growth in 2019

Sports turf growth, as well as turf application growth continues to spread as technological innovation within the artificial turf market expands, and the demand for quality playing surfaces increase. Today’s turf has advantages that previous models didn’t. For example, today’s turf has added safety, longer durability for maximized playing sessions, and an improved look and feel of natural grass. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Therefore, the sports turf market continues to rise in popularity in 2019.

Artificial Turf Rise

A driver in sports turf sales is artificial turf. But why does synthetic grass continue to rise in popularity not only amongst homeowners, commercial business owners, but also sports fields? Because turf is a low-maintenance solution that outperforms real grass when it comes to mowing, trimming, and irrigation.

People who choose turf solutions are most pleased with its low-maintenance. With turf, you can save money with time, despite the initial cost of installation. Those who use turf in their homes to lessen maintenance and lower their monthly water bills see a return on their investment down the road.

Many Applications Means More Growth

Artificial turf comes in many applications, which points to future growth. Artificial turf’s wide usage satisfies customers’ demands for landscaping turf both residential and commercial, as well as sports turf.

But the demand for quality turf solutions continues to change and adapt according to what people want. Today, you can see turf being installed in hotels, airports, theme parks, businesses, and homes. When it comes to water conservation and maintenance reduction, there’s no other product like turf.

Why Choose Courts & Greens

Courts & Greens can transform any space into a water-free, low-maintenance, oasis! Our team of dedicated turf installers and makers will custom design and install the turf you need with the size and shape you want. Whether you have a small backyard or you have an enormous, open space, our turf team will consult with you to install the right turf solution for your space. From installing turf around your office building or laying down a full backyard redesign, Courts & Greens is your team for the job.

When you choose us, you’re automatically covered by our 16-year warranty. As we celebrate and start a new year, know that your space can reflect the needs and appearance you want. You can reduce your water bill and spend more time with your loved ones instead of maintaining your yard. If you can dream it, we can build it! Call us today and let’s talk turf 2019 goals.