This Father’s Day

By Courts & Greens - June 6th, 2017 in Specials

family fun provided by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Dads bring a lot of useful skills to the household when you’re growing up. If something was broken, you’d run to Dad for fixing. They were there to say “Yes” for the times Mom would say “NO.” They taught us to catch, shoot, and throw at whatever sport caught our interest and then cheer us on from the sidelines during weekend little league games.

Let’s face it: your Dad was, and still is, an important figure in your life.

The years of little league sports may be gone, but that doesn’t mean the days of playing a round of golf or basketball with the Old Man is over too. Earn some bonus points this year with our golf or basketball Father’s Day specials, and score the biggest gift of their parenting career for 2017!


Full installation comes complete with each package, including a gift box to give him so there won’t be a bunch of awkwardness when your Dad finds a bunch of people digging up his backyard after Father’s Day. (Some things are better off not being surprises.)

Part of what makes a sport memorable are the people we enjoy it with. Forge some new memories with the ones you love because eventually, all you’ll have left are the memories. We want you to have an abundance of the good ones to look back on and smile.

Who knew Courts and Greens was in the memory business too? Give us a call today!