The Best Turf Solution For California’s Extra Extreme Weather

By Courts & Greens - January 31st, 2023 in Turf

Due to extreme weather in California, your lawn can often be a battle. With the scorching heat of summer, days and weeks without rainfall during drought season, and then extreme winter floods like we had over the past month, it almost seems impossible to keep a well-maintained lawn year-round, especially if you are water-wise. But fortunately, there is a solution – synthetic grass!

It may seem like an unorthodox idea at first, but installing synthetic grass will end up saving you time and money—no more weekly mowing or constant watering! Plus if you’re an eco-conscious Californian looking for ways to help conserve water use around the house then this option helps on that front as well. The great news is that synthetic grass here in California comes with long guarantees for the material quality so because of its durability you never have to worry about replacing it every few years either.

Read on to learn how switching from natural turf to Synthetic Grass aka “fake turf ” can benefit not only your sanity but also your wallet!

Durability and Always Lush-Green

Synthetic grass is an incredibly hardy product, able to withstand droughts and downpours with ease. Its lush green hues can add a touch of luxury when temperatures become too hot for natural lawns to survive in. Artificial turf provides the perfect balance between appearing lifelike while being low maintenance; choosable blade lengths allow it to fit into any landscape design scheme seamlessly bled together hand-in-hand with native flora. Comfort underfoot also wasn’t forgotten: infills give each step that extra bounce!

Synthetic Grass Eliminates Hazards Chemicals Us To Keep Lawns Green

Artificial grass has become an increasingly popular option among local governments due to its ability to conserve water and reduce the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals released into our environment. Studies have found that with artificial turf installations, over a billion pounds of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are eliminated from our atmosphere – minimizing health risks for human beings and animals as well.

Ultimately this is beneficial for all involved: lessening any need for regular lawn maintenance while maintaining environmental compliance standards in your area!

The benefits of Synthetic Grass Go On And On!

Synthetic grass is the optimal choice for California homeowners looking to maximize their time and money while still enjoying a lush, beautiful yard. It eliminates costly labor associated with traditional landscaping – no more mowing or weeding required! With synthetic grass, you can spend your free hours making memories with family instead of tending to your lawn – all while saving cash in the long run.

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