The Benefits of Artificial Pet Turf

By Courts & Greens - March 30th, 2017 in Service

dog loves synthetic grass by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

We live in an era of artificial everything.

From artificial sugars to intelligence, christmas trees and eyelashes, we’re surrounded by a seemingly endless stream of created products that can make it near impossible to discern what’s really real anymore.

Therein lies part of the problem though: If the opposite of artificial is real, and the opposite of real is fake, are we being sucked into the belief that artificial carries a negative connotation? Is artificial somehow inferior to naturally occurring “real” things?

When it comes to synthetic pet turf, we believe artificial is better than the real thing. Here’s why:

Let’s start by addressing drainage concerns. There seems to be a misconception with some pet owners that synthetic turf can’t be used by pets when they need to go to the bathroom. This isn’t the case. Our pet turf has specifically designed drainage channels so your pet’s business doesn’t come back to haunt you or your nose with unsightly stains or odors.

There’s a reason the Bakersfield SPCA hired us to install our pet turf at their facility. They could’ve opted for regular grass, but they realized they needed something beyond the capabilities normal grass could offer.

They were right to choose it. Synthetic holds up better than regular grass, especially in high traffic scenarios. Many animals dig, especially our canine friends. Ordinary grass is only as strong as the root holding it. Our artificial pet turf is extremely resilient against paws and claws because it’s woven together with several layers of proprietary fibrous material, similar to a high strength net and far stronger than a single root. Best of all, this durability keeps underlying dirt and mud from being exposed and eventually tracked indoors.

Don’t forget the other benefits of synthetic turf either: You’ll conserve water by not having to use your sprinklers, nor pollute the air with mowers or blowers that have to trim grass every week as it grows. You’ll have grass that’s green year round with less maintenance and designed for every occasion thrown at it.

For those of us looking to enjoy our pets as well as a green yard, synthetic pet turf is one example of artificial doing a better job than the real. Give us a call today to speak with a real person about installing pet turf on your property, because artificial phone operators telling you to “press the ‘#’ symbol” is one example of the natural still doing a better job at some things.