8 Reasons to Be Grateful for Artificial Grass This Thanksgiving

By Courts & Greens - November 25th, 2019 in Uncategorized

8 Reasons to Be Grateful for Artificial Grass & Thanksgiving Turf Deals This Holiday Season

Homeowners in California eagerly await the holiday season. For it is that time of the year when friends and family gather as you look forward to hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. All thanks to custom-made synthetic turf, entertaining a large crowd is not a problem anymore. Not only do Thanksgiving Turf Deals exist, but Artificial turf remains the number one, low-maintenance, high-value, product on the market.

We bet you already realized its benefits since you had sold your old lawn mower – because who needs it now? Now you have a lot of free time on your hands and spend your weekends indulging in your favorite pastime. You also do not need to use your sprinkles and save gallons of water. Besides these compelling advantages, you have a lot to thank your artificial grass for this Thanksgiving.

1. Plenty of Design Options

Let’s just be honest here -appearances are everything. Partygoers not only judge their host’s culinary skills, but they also rate the ambiance and decoration of the host’s space. A good-looking lawn can score you major points in your social circle.

Artificial turf can be customized into any design and fits any yard shape. When you have friends over, you can show it off and make your beautifully designed lawn a conversation starter. Get a synthetic turf installed with multi-game courts or recreational space and wow them with your impeccable taste.

You may cover up that dry land around your stunning water feature with synthetic grass. Enhance your curb appeal by using artificial grass in between the beautiful pavers.

Not just the outdoors, you can also design your turf area and create a rooftop garden when you have very little space for your backyard. Or, if you wish to have a private lounge area for yourself, convert your balcony into a rooftop lawn.

2. Fade-Free Material

Modern artificial lawns are UV resistant, which means rain, summer, or cold winter, you have a green lawn all year round. Fading is not an issue with your garden, and it stays green for years to come.

Not only that, these days, synthetic grass is made to resemble real grass, meaning – you get a soft, cushiony lawn that is also strong. Courts and Greens in Bakersfield offer artificial turf installations. Contact us to know about our amazing Thanksgiving turf deals 2019.

3. Sturdy Ground for High Footfall

For large outdoor gatherings on Thanksgiving, you will need more tables to set up your delicious spread. Immediately after a rain, or if the ground is moist, chairs and tables may sink into the lawn, if you have real grass.

However, on your synthetic lawn, chairs and décor remain on level ground. Artificial grass makes for the perfect surface for large parties or even weddings. Even when there is high traffic, it does not affect the lawn, flatten it, or wear it down.

4. Child-Friendly Yard

While adults have dinner or casual conversations in the living room, managing the kids gets difficult. Children get bored quickly and may want to play in the yard, bringing back mud and grass into the home. That is the case with natural grass, but not with synthetic turf.

Artificial grass offers a perfect playground when there are children in your guests’ list. No matter how long they stomp their feet in the grass, their shoes won’t pick up grass and dirt. As a result, there will be less mess to clean up after them.

5. Pesticide-Free Surface

For real grass to remain in a top-notch condition, homeowners will use fertilizers and harsh pesticides. But with synthetic turf, you get a soft-padded lawn that does not gather bugs or insects. It also stays the same length, consistent color, and texture in all seasons, making the use of pesticides and fertilizers unnecessary.

Added to the fact that it requires minimal water for cleaning purposes, it becomes an effective eco-friendly and pocket-friendly option. Want to be an environmentally conscious person? Fall is the best time for artificial lawn installations; check out our Thanksgiving turf deals 2019, call Courts and Greens now!

6. Pet-Proof Lawn

When you have fun with your buddies, would you keep your pets inside? Let them roam freely in an evergreen lawn, and they think it is the real deal!

Since the artificial turf is non-toxic, you can allow them outdoors without any worry about them ingesting fertilizer or digging holes in the mud.

Besides, synthetic turfs come with excellent drainage systems that disappear your pet’s urine faster than real grass. When they come back after playing and rolling, there will be no tiny mud prints on your carpet.

7. Comfortable for Guests

Relaxing in the cool breeze, appreciating nature is possible for your guests with your artificial grass this Thanksgiving. For cozy, informal parties, encourage them to kick off their footwear and walk on the grass in a casual style. They may feel skeptical at first, but will soon realize that walking barefoot on your synthetic grass, feels as realistic as when you tread on authentic grass.

Your synthetic lawn does not welcome bugs. When there are no water puddles or mud, bugs have no way to make it their home. Your backyard becomes more tolerable as your guests don’t have to swat away insects trying to fly into their eyes.

Women’s footwear, especially stilettos, can dig into the soft ground, but with artificial turf, there is infill that provides a solid surface.

8. Easy Post-Party Cleanup

After the guests have gone home, you see that there is litter everywhere! But now you are doubly thankful for having installed artificial grass this Thanksgiving. Why? Because it is so much easier to clean up.

Synthetic grass makes the cleaning process easy. Be it the sticky ice cream spills or stubborn finger paints; a good rinse makes them vanish. Artificial grass dries quickly and handles trampling well. Any flattened spots can be brushed off and fluffed a little, and your lawn will go back to its pristine condition.

Courts and Greens offer synthetic lawn installations for residential areas, recreational spaces, parks, multi-game courts, putting greens, and more. We can change your plain old backyard into an evergreen, maintenance-free paradise.

You want your dreams to come true, so why wait? Pick up the phone; call us now at 661-585-4602. Tell our design experts all about your vision and let us find ways to make it a reality.