Synthetic Turf on Golf Courses

By Courts & Greens - September 18th, 2017 in Service, Sports

artificial turf by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Lush greens and rolling hills pockmarked by tall flagsticks and lazy golf carts. All ingredients in the recipe for a slice of heaven.

But have you considered how important the grass is in that recipe? If it’s not excruciatingly trimmed, regularly watered, flattened for consistent roll, or (*gasp) not the proper color green – the idyllic picture everyone has in their minds falls to pieces in a heap of dry, brown disappointment.

In drought recovering, California golf courses are clamoring for new strategies to save money in a rapidly changing sport. With many incorporating artificial turf as a solution. It’s worth considering what benefits synthetic turf offers to preserve the idyllic putting landscape for future golf players.

Poa annua is the Courts & Green solution to keep the game strong. The turf is designed as a low-labor golf grass that stays green and saves you green too. It has superb ball roll, thanks to soft polyethylene fibers and can still exhibit the same characteristics of more costly sand-dressed greens too.

In fact, Poa Annua performs so well most golfers don’t notice the difference. The tightly woven fibers are just as green, prevent ball-sticking, and offer a natural rebound that’s on-par with traditional sod.

It’s much-needed good news for a sport in need of turf alternatives for drier climates. It’s anything but game over for golf, and Poa Annua is happy to position itself as a low cost, low maintenance solution to keep putting greens green, and golfers keen for the next time they get to tee off. Give us a call today!