What’s Supreme Fescue Turf And Why Is It So Popular?

By Courts & Greens - September 8th, 2020 in Turf

supreme fescue turf

What’s Supreme Fescue Turf And Why Is It So Popular?

Supreme fescue turf is a premium quality turf with a combination of rich textured fibers and durable backing. It is specially designed with the strongest yarn for high resilience. If you’re looking for a low maintenance alternative to natural grass without compromising on the aesthetic appeal, a fescue turf may be the perfect solution for your yard.

Why Supreme Fescue Turf?

Supreme fescue turf can withstand extreme temperature and heavy traffic. The modern technology behind its making secures the grass blades evenly and binds the tuft. 

A mix of vibrant green and natural olive colors is woven into a brown layer of thatch to create a turf that looks almost as good as the original grass. 

Let’s look at the reasons supreme fescue turf is popular with homeowners. 

The superior tuft binding technology makes the tuft very strong. It is highly durable and versatile turf such that it can be used anywhere on your property. Here are some of our projects that we’ve completed recently that involved the installation of supreme fescue turf.

Supreme Fescue Turf for Kids and Pets

A homeowner asked us to install this 80 oz. supreme fescue turf in his yard. The family was keen on installing a durable artificial turf that was safe for both kids and pets.

Supreme fescue turf is a big hit with homeowners, and the yard looks absolutely flawless after installation. We’re sure the whole family will have lots of fun playing games and enjoying a picnic in the sun. 

Backyards with Supreme Fescue Turf

Transform your backyards from brown patches to a lush green yard with supreme fescue turf like this homeowner. 

We installed supreme fescue turf in this backyard, and you can see the change in the before and after pictures below. All-year-round green cover, beautiful yards, and virtually no upkeep make for very happy homeowners. Are you tired of cumbersome lawn maintenance and tedious upkeep?

Get Your Dream Backyard with Supreme Fescue Turf Installation

You can speak to our turf installation professionals for more information on supreme fescue turf. Call us at 661-587-4602 to get a free quote.