Standing Tall Against Solid Pole Hoops

By Courts & Greens - August 24th, 2017 in Service

hoops by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Overcoming a common objection on solid hoops and rigidity.

One of the biggest flaws behind most adjustable basketball hoops is a lack of rigidity, one that critics are quick to point out.

“You can’t compare with solid pole hoops, like the ones you see on the playground and at parks,” they’ll say. We respectfully disagree.

We won’t deny how sturdy those non-adjustable systems can be, but that simply gave us a benchmark to exceed, not a substandard hoop to make excuses for.

Our design uses some the thickest and tallest upper and lower extension arms in the industry. It allows for the full force of the basketball rim to be supported, which translates into a better playing experience with less shake, and decreased vibration during play. Precision fit components with minimal tolerances completes the assembly, with no gaps or wiggle room between joints.

Of course, talk is cheap unless it’s backed up with a satisfaction guarantee. Check out our warranties and policies here. If you’re at all unhappy with your installation or court, we’ll do everything we can to either fix it, replace it, or take it back with no questions asked.

That’s the Courts & Greens difference. Are you game?