Do You Need To Water Turf With A Sprinkler?

By Courts & Greens - October 1st, 2018 in Uncategorized

Watering lawn in a summer day in Bakersfield

Let’s Not Demolish That Irrigation System Just Yet.

Sure, you’re stoked to finally demolish that costly grass lawn, exposing the skeletal sprinkler pipes underneath which only bleed money as far as you were concerned. Why bother keeping your sprinkler intact for turf? We have three reasons:





Clean, Cool, Water.

While turf is easier to maintain, your lawn will still benefit from a weekly hose and monthly rake. For many homeowners, a rinse can be accomplished by a sprinkler system, washing out most of the dust and small debris. Pet owners may find some benefit here too, but solid waste will still accumulate over time.  

Turf can get hot in the summer, especially in direct sunlight. It’s one reason we like trees so much! If your turf is too hot, try cooling things off with a quick watering.  You might negate some cost savings in the summer, but only if you forget to turn the sprinkler system off!

Lastly, we always suggest using low-water plants, but low-water doesn’t mean no-water. Save yourself the stress of having to remember to hose all the time. Keep your sprinklers and keep your plants!

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