How To Attract Attention For Special Events With Artificial Grass

By Courts & Greens - November 28th, 2018 in Uncategorized

matching synthetic grass with flower display by Courts and greens in Bakersfield

Attract Attention For Special Events With Artificial Grass

Everyone throws a good party or special event at some point in their lives, both for personal and business reasons. Selecting the perfect venue that speaks to the reason you’re gathering others to celebrate is important. At Courts and Greens, we want your event to stand out; furthermore, we believe a great way to stand out is using artificial grass.

Yes, a beautiful, lush, lawn is a stunning, eye-catching feature for many parties, gatherings, and promotional events. Here are all the ways how you can attract attention for special events with artificial grass.

Make A Rockstar First Impression With Guests

With the advent of social media, event goers not only want to have a good time; attendees at your event will most likely take pictures of your venue if it’s attractive. Before everyone can focus on a new product launch, an eclectic wine selection, or any other unique features, try to impress people using the venue itself.

A green, well-kept, artificial turf lawn tells your clients or guest list that you take yourself seriously and you care about maintaining an inviting space for others.

Synthetic Turf Creates The Best Event Amenities 

Let’s face it. After chatting with guests or networking with others, your guests might want to relax with a fun game or other popular amenities. People will come to your event for a specific purpose but there’s always time to fill in between.

With artificial turf, you can add a custom-designed putting green at your event. Depending on the size of your venue and turnout, use synthetic turf as a play surface for bocce ball.

Being Environmentally-Friendly

More every day, people throughout the country are looking to conduct their business with people who do right by their community. In California, environmentally-friendly business owners and neighbors save water by using artificial grass; artificial turf helps you cut expenses on water and decrease harmful chemicals for the ecosystem. And turf is great with drainage too!

By installing artificial grass for your business or event venue, you save water, save money, and gain a selling point. Being environmentally-friendly makes you more accountable not only to the planet but to many in a market like California who values environmental causes.