5 Artificial Turf Design Tips For Smaller Gardens

By Courts & Greens - November 28th, 2018 in Uncategorized, Turf

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5 Artificial Turf Design Tips For Smaller Gardens

Did you know that more Americans today want to downsize their homes, not supersize them? With so many opting for a smaller space either because of financial limitations or the surge of interest in compact living spaces, you might believe you don’t have room for a grass lawn. Think again! Without grass, where will your furry friend lay to catch some sunrays? Without grass, where will you entertain guests outside? Nothing says outdoor living like grass, and artificial grass is the new natural grass.

Here are 5 ways artificial turf can spruce up your small garden for those who live well by living small. 

1. Artificial Grass Is The Foundation For Your Garden Design 

Think of your turf lawn as the lush, fresh-looking, green centerpiece for all other textures and colors you add to your space. Try having a professional artificial turf installer plant synthetic turf along one side of your small lawn to create the feeling of a designed, grass space. Most people think artificial turf lawns are for turf sports fields or turf playgrounds. But you can have an artificial turf lawn that’s any size or shape.

2. Delineate Areas

Some people use hardscapes, rock features, and turf as ways to designate different areas within your yard. You can still have select areas outlined in your small yard. A sizeable table and two chairs instantly creates an intimate dining space for two.  Or you can try adding a comfy, patio chair with the right pop of color and treat it as a reading corner. Imagine turf around one area and potted plants around another. Adding “mini rooms” around your small space will give the illusion that you have more space than you actually do. Make use of your space by thinking creatively.

3. Vertical Solutions 

Select grasses, design features, and other plants with an upright posture. An elevated height draws guests eyes upward, which can make your small garden look bigger than it is. With a few narrow and slender outdoor products like an umbrella or vertical planters, you can save space for a small fire pit or table.

4. Raise Your Garden 

By using a deck or other raised elements to your small garden, you can create levels to your space and draw eyes upward. Raised beds can create edges and can be used as seating. You can use brick, wood, or turf to create a raised area, depending on your style preferences.

5. Walkways

Instead of installing a hefty, paved walkway, use pavers surrounded by artificial turf to create a smooth transition from your door to your outdoor living space and garden. Try not to clutter your small space by being selective of the pieces you use.

Embrace Your Small Outdoor Space

Whether you use the tips we provided to make your garden appear larger, we hope you embrace your garden. Creating a cute, minimalistic space is a feature many people want today. Allow your artificial turf to be a strong foundation for your garden. Use fewer plants and clutter and let the pieces you select stand out. Small gardens don’t mean you are lacking. Small outdoor living spaces can still exude beauty by embracing simplicity. Happy gardening!