By Courts & Greens - April 27th, 2017 in Games

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Because there’s no better way to keep your friends than by knocking their discs out of a scoring area.

Sports aren’t simply about who’s fastest, strongest, or can throw the farthest. Many require skill of the mind as well. Applications of sheer force might have a use in other sports like football, for example, but not when it comes to the game of shuffleboard.

Few games mix both offensive and defensive strategies into each play. You don’t just push your disc down the floor and into the scoring area and call it quits. You have to remember your opponent will do everything within their ability to knock one or more of your well-placed discs out of the scoring area to make room for their own discs as well. Of course, you can retaliate in the same, but each turn requires you to consider possible consequences – and benefits – of what you’re planning to do.

Balancing offense and defense is only half of it.

Shuffleboard needs a balance between strength and restraint. Push your disc too hard, you’ll overshoot the target. Too little, you’ll block future discs from finding their mark. It’s a game of balance, where the best players know their own strengths and limitations, and use those to their advantage.

Of course, if you want a shuffleboard court of your own to play in the comfort of your home, Courts & Greens has you covered. Our professional grade surfaces and court materials are perfect for shuffleboard, or any other sport for that matter. And who says you can’t add some shuffleboard lines to a basketball or tennis court? It’s a great way to add some functionality to your court and best of all, an opportunity to humble those faster, stronger players with the importance of control and cunning.