Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass


• Maintenance free
• Saves water
• No pollution from mowers and blowers
• Improve your game
• 12-year warranty

Courts & Greens can turn a section of, or your entire backyard into a maintenance-free, water-free haven! Our experts will custom design and install any shape or size open area.

With a synthetic turf and artificial grass area in your backyard, you can entertain anytime, knowing that your grass area can hold up to any amount of traffic, and will always be ready when company calls. Call our professionals today and be ready to enjoy your yard!

Pet Grass


• Pet friendly
• Pets stay clean
• No dead spots
• Absorbs odors
• No harmful pesticides


• Pet carriers
• Dog houses, kennels
• R.V. Parks, apartments and patios
• Dog parks
• Training facilities

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