Elevate Your Tenant’s Rooftop With A Turf Area

By Courts & Greens - March 4th, 2019 in Uncategorized

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How To Turn A Boring, Unused Rooftop Into An Exciting Loung Area With Artificial Turf

Amenities in a rental property can decipher whether your tenants stay with you or leave. As a landlord or property owner, you want to get the most return on your investment and that means pleasing your tenants and prospective tenants. Most rooftops are just sitting there, day in, and day out.

It’s a waste of space to some, but to others, they see an opportunity. Imagine the possibilities for your tenants if they had a space to hang out. A space that was lush and green. With artificial turf, you can turn a seemingly unused space like a rooftop into a balcony or hang-out spot.

Tenants Love More Amenities

Current tenants and prospective tenants will love what you’ve done with the space. Many will want to continue living at your property when your space isn’t like the rest of the complexes in the area. Diversify your space with a simple, easy-to-maintain turf grass area.

A rooftop  lounge area is different, exiciting, and not that difficult to set up with our turf solutions. When people hunting for an apartment or condo see your loung area, your property will stick out in their minds. It’s unique. It’s a selling point like a clubhouse or pool area.

How To Put Your Rooftop Area To Use

We can custom design your turf area in your lawn or rooftop to fit any space, size, and purpose. Rooftop gardens and loung areas allow tenants to hang out away from gym, pool area, and just enjoy the view of the surrounding landscapes. After a long day, you can catch up with your neighbors, friends, have a quiet space to relax after a long work day.

You can also add umbrellas or small tables for residents to loung around with. Some people think adding a gas grill on a rooftop can transform your space into a rooftop area ideal for summer get-togethers or weekend fun. You can even install a bocce ball court or set out a few tables, depending on the size of your rooftop, where people can congregate and play games during designated hours.