Factors to Consider When Looking for a Portable Basketball Hoop

By Courts & Greens - August 5th, 2019 in All Pro Hoops, Courts, Games, Main Service, Sports

When you’re looking for functionality, usage, and convenience, portable basketball hoops tops the list. You can enjoy years of recreational basketball fun in your backyard or driveway with these free-standing, all-weather resistant, portable hoops.

In general, these portable hoops come with wheels which allows for smooth movement. Without the need of having to implant the pole into the ground or having a cement base, they can be moved and placed at any convenient playing spot.

But, how do you make the best decision on these? Let’s read on to understand more.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Portable Basketball Hoop

When it comes to choosing the best portable basketball hoops, know that there are many materials and features to choose from. Also, take some time to think about what will be the best place to install these hoops.

1. The Material of the Backboard

Backboards are available in different materials. While polycarbonate makes cheaper hoops, tempered glass has a high price point. Acrylic is another popular choice, but it can’t withstand fierce shots.

Despite being durable, polycarbonate backboards tend to feel dead when meeting the ball on the shots. If performance is on the top of your mind, you can switch to tempered glass that offers peak performance. But, glass is the least durable material and isn’t recommended for families having young kids. Acrylic, on the other hand, makes rust and weather-resistant backboards for portable basketball hoops.  

2. Type of Rims

For long-lasting performance and hard dunks, you need the perfect rim in your basketball hoop.

There are three main types of rims you can consider

Mostly, the cheaper types of standard rims do not have the spring mechanism. As a result, they are vulnerable to breaking or warping with the impact of persistent dunking.

However, spring-supported rims breakaway when dunked after a hard slam. Also, they increase the durability of the hoop.

Hoops with covered compression spring come in the range of $300-$500 while high-quality breakaways with protected springs are pricier and designed to last longer.

So, you should think about your options in terms of both costs and performance before settling on anyone.

3. The Base of the Hoop

In portable basketball hoops, the base of the hoop is a critical component. Be sure to check the capacity, material, and wheel system in the base to choose the right one.

Here smaller bases can hold up to 27 gallons of water or sand while mid-level bases can go up to 35-40 gallons.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a larger backboard needs a larger capacity base to maintain the stability of your hoop. Choosing a heavy-duty and weather-resistant base material enhances the durability of the product.

4. The Support System

Mostly, the cheaper and mid-level basketball hoops use a three-pole construction that allows adjustable height for supporting the hoop. However, some models come with a single long pole as well.

Single poles are a lot sturdier than 3-pole systems that may wobble due to an impact. Apart from pole construction, choose a frame made of steel with aluminum in places that won’t provide direct support.

5. Price of the Hoop

Cost does matter when you select the best portable basketball hoops 2019 for your driveway.

The prices for best-of-the-line gym-grade systems can go up to $3000. Bear in mind; you’ll get what your money can buy. If space isn’t a concern for your driveway, buy a sturdy hoop that can handle a good deal of dunking and keep hanging on the rim for years.

You can find entry-level hoops in the range of $100-$400. They are perfect for families with small kids and recreational play.

In the mid-level price range of $400-$800, you can find some upgrades like an acrylic backboard, fill-bases, and spring breakaway rims.

The high-quality hoops starting at $800 are perfect for professional-level playing with their premium features and specs.

6. Maintenance Issues

With every sports gear, come some additional costs for its care and maintenance. The same applies to your portable hoops as well. There may be some maintenance issues down the road if you don’t take care in the start.

For example, the base of the hoop may crack, and you’ll need to replace it with a new one. But, you can avoid this cost by filling the base with sand, not water. Also, make provisions for the failure of some mechanisms that wear out over time.

7. Safety Concerns

As long as you follow the instructions, portable basketball hoops are safe for your children. For example, if hanging the hoop on the rim isn’t recommended for kids over 14 years, don’t do it. When you choose the best portable hoops, follow the simple rules like:

The Best Portable Basketball Hoops 2019

 When you want to elevate your game, choose the best portable basketball hoop system manufactured by All-Pro Hoops. With thick steel material, sturdy backboard, engineered lift assist system, and corrosion-resistance, hoops designed by All-Pro tick all the right checkboxes.

If you’re looking for durable and high-quality basketball hoops for teenage kids, it’s better to choose a hoop that comes with height adjustment feature. It allows every player to play like a pro.

Besides, a lifetime warranty with no-break backboard protection will save your investment against slam dunking.

Other irresistible features of All-Pro hoops include:

All-Pro offers backboard sizes such as 54”, 60”, and 72” in its range of portable hoops. So, enjoy your family leisure time with height-adjustable portable hoops in your driveway.

Know your needs and consider these factors to find the best portable basketball hoops 2019 made by All-Pro. You can contact Courts and Greens for a fully-warranted hoop system that fits your driveway or to know your options.