3 Ways Artificial Turf Can Improve Your Playground

By Courts & Greens - December 11th, 2018 in Uncategorized

playground with synthetic turf designed by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Parents not only want designated areas for their children to play; first and foremost, parents want a safe place for their children to play. While accidents are bound to happen, there are ways to eliminate injury risk. Installing artificial turf can actually help prevent some risks, making outdoor playtime safer.

Artificial Grass Can Lessen Scrapes

Natural grass contains stones, twigs, dirt, and other debris; furthermore, debris can sometimes have uneven edges that cause scrapes and bruises when children fall on the ground. Nevertheless, installing synthetic grass in a play area removes the possibility of excess debris floating around.

Installers must first remove all the natural grass in the yard and pay close attention to thorns and other hard debris items to remove. Ensure that your turf installer guarantees a clean lawn when the turf installation begins.

Turf Comes With Extra Padding

Children’s coordination isn’t fully developed like adults. Therefore, falling is a part of growing up. However, falling risks increase when playground equipment and other items are left around your lawn. Therefore, a cushioned ground can help soften the blow when your kids inevitably slip outdoors.

Artificial grass has a built-in cushion that natural grass does not have. Built with an infill first, turf provides support and a little extra padding for those who play or relax outside.

Synthetic Grass Provides An Even Play Area

Natural grass is uneven and often times has holes or other hill-like areas. Children are often carefree. Therefore, many little ones might run or walk right across uneven ground and trip or fall. Also, low-lying muddy areas can cause accidents for children and adults.

Artificial turf evens the playing field. With a nice, even turf lawn, you won’t see unsightly dips or mud holes anymore. Best of all, your children will be able to play and run around without having to look for dirt holes or any other ground hazard.