Sport Surfacing – Play Like a Pro

By Courts & Greens - June 17th, 2017 in Service

custom basketball courts and other sports by Courts and greens in Bakersfield

The biggest benefits of UBU Sports Surfacing isn’t how it looks, but how it feels

Sport surfacing isn’t just some fancy add-on to make your court stand out from the rest. It also helps protect your joints and muscles from the impacts and strains that occur during physical activity. Playing on a cushioned surface like the sport surfaces we install at Courts & Greens will not only allow you to play longer, and with fewer injuries too.

Sport surfacing the pros use, in your own backyard.

Would you rather fall down and scrape yourself across concrete, or land on something synthetic and cushioned? We use UBU Sports Surfaces, which is the industry leader in quality sports surfacing and is the top choice of professional sports organizations, such as NCAA Division 1, the NFL, MLS, NLL and AFL. A good athletic shoe can offer cushion and support on most physical activities, but is only part of the solution to protecting yourself from injury.

Stay active and take care of your joints.

Your body will thank you in the long run, which is important since it’s the only body you have.
Interested in learning more about what Sport Surfacing can do for you? We’re happy to discuss the additional benefits offered, plus financing and any other questions you may have. Do your joints a favor and give us a call today!