Overlooked Details For Before You Buy!

By Courts & Greens - April 13th, 2018 in Turf

So Much Turf, So Little Time

There’s an entire landscape of options to choose from for turf, including infill, color, or style. With so much to pick from, it can get a little overwhelming and then things get overlooked. Are you a potential buyer? Don’t forget these forgotten details before you buy, so you can focus on finding the right shade of green instead.

Don’t Forget The Following:

  • Drainage and Permeability Rates. Synthetic turf doesn’t get thirsty like grass does, but it still has to be able to process lots of water in the event of heavy rainfall. Low-quality turf won’t drain well because of a perforated sheet backing, which brings us to our next point…
  • Turf Backing. Some turf will use a layered glue backing to attach fibers, which uses harsh chemicals in the process. Our turf features a non-woven PuR Flow backing that flows an impressive 234” per hour, without toxic glues or sealant.
  • High-Efficiency Windows and Reflections. South facing windows and reflective surfaces can actually focus sunlight onto your turf and shrink or melt it! Note any Reflections or glare on your lawn during different times of the day. Don’t forget, the sun gets higher and more intense in the summer months!
  • Quality Installer. If you’re opting to install yourself, we’re happy to assist and supply you with excellent quality turf. If you’re looking to have it installed, we can do that too! Courts & Greens is a licensed SGS Turf dealer, renown for their 16 year UV resistance and nontoxic durability against all conditions.

With such great advice, it’s no wonder you read our blogs and buy our turf. Contact us today for free estimates!


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