Our Hoops are Big on Safety

By Courts & Greens - January 11th, 2018 in Service, Sports

all pro hoops logo with Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

We’re Big On Safety

We don’t sell All-Pro Hoops simply because they’re a high-quality product, we also sell them because they come with a lot of common sense safety features that keep everyone safe.  It’s no fun to be sidelined with an injury, and here’s what we do to protect against them.

Protective Safety Padding

Players of all ages will appreciate the extra padding we include around the base of our poles.  From layups to tripping into the pole, our shock resistant padding has you covered when playing under the hoop.

Break Away Rim is Free From Snagging

If you’re looking to work on your dunking skills, All-Pro can keep up with amateur and pro alike.  Our hoop absorbs transferred body weight when you dunk, reducing impact to joints and hands.  The rim is also free from net hooks that can twist or jam fingers too.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Warmer weather is just on the horizon, make sure you have a safe place nearby that encourages your kids to get outdoors and be active.  We do hoop installs, plus a variety of other sports and turf options, all across California.  Contact us today!