On Temperatures and Hot Turf  

By Courts & Greens - October 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

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On Temperatures and Hot Turf  

While it’s true that turf temperatures can rise above ambient outdoor temperatures, there are plenty of things that can be done to cool your lawn or field off before game time or the family backyard picnic.  

Note: As a precaution on warmer, sunny days, it’s a good idea to check exposed turf by surface thermometer or hand.  If it’s too hot for prolonged contact to exposed skin or your thermometer reads anything above 115 degrees, don’t allow pets or people on the surface until it cools!

1. Consider Shade

Dark green turf colors entice sunlight while heat-retaining plastics that turf and infill refuse to dissipate it. The sun is immensely powerful, but not if you block it from shining on you. Add some trees or a shaded overhang to your yard. If your play surface is small enough, wet sheets or cloth tarps can be overlayed on hot turf as an alternative.  

2. Water Your Turf

We know, watering your artificial grass seems counterintuitive, but there’s a reason why so many sports fields wet their turf shortly before a game.  Not only does this help with cleaning, it’s effective at lowering surface temperatures too.

3. Use a Better Infill  

Crumb rubber is a sometimes-used infill (never by Courts & Greens), even despite the health concerns associated with it.  Rubber is a great insulator, however, so it stays hot easily. Switching to a non-toxic infill is often a cooler solution both literally and figuratively.

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