Hoop Durability

By Courts & Greens - August 31st, 2017 in Service

hoops by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Direct Rim Attachment Means We’re Upfront About Our Hoop Durability.

Our Pro Breakaway Rim works well under pressure thanks to Direct Rim Attachment technology.

Any good basketball hoop leaves room for player improvement. Just as our hoops are height adjustable, we know that players of different skills and age groups might use our courts for all sorts of practice and play modes. It’s important to design a hoop for those possibilities, and no detail was overlooked when we designed the hoop and rim attachment points.

Direct Rim Attachment

Out hoops are unmatched in strength because they mount directly to the lower arm of the basketball pole, instead of the backboard glass. This allows maximum force and torque on the basketball rim to be transferred to our industry leading lower extension arm and removes the risk of damaging the backboard. It also means no flex or give when force is applied to the hoop from someone hanging or dunking off it.

Pro Break Away Rim

Because of Direct Rim Attachment, our breakaway basketball rim is also built to handle all of the force and pressure that occurs on the rim when you “Slam Like a Pro.” As we’ve said before, Courts & Greens basketball courts are designed and warrantied for you to “Slam Like a Pro” no matter what height you set it to. So you can dunk in confidence knowing your future hoop system can handle the stress with no problem, and no questions asked.