10 Benefits of Artificial Grass for Property Managers and HOAs

By Courts & Greens - December 26th, 2019 in Jobs, Turf


10 Benefits of Artificial Grass for Property Managers and HOAs

If you’re a property manager or HOAs trying to attract residents to your property, it’s crucial that your building appears beautiful and well-kept. But this can be expensive and time-consuming. However, with artificial grass from Courts and Greens, managers can keep their properties looking lush throughout the year.

Artificial grass requires absolutely no maintenance. All you have to do is install a high-quality artificial turf for a cost-effective property makeover. But that is not the only reason why more property managers are turning to artificial turf. 

Below are the top ten benefits of artificial grass for HOAs and property managers.  

1. Well-Kept Appearance Year-Round

Artificial grass will give your property a well-kept look all year long. Since synthetic turf retains its height, thickness, and color, it doesn’t lose its original appearance over time. HOAs can thus attain a flawless manicured and trimmed lawn through all the seasons. Even in the summer, synthetic grass installations look healthy and realistic, giving your lawn a luxurious look with the perfect appeal.

2. Pet-friendly And Kid-friendly

Outdoor synthetic turf installation is safe for kids and pets. Children can run and roll to their heart’s content on the artificial grass. The specially engineered synthetic grass is soft and doesn’t heat up in the sun. It thus makes for an excellent substitute for grass and sand for your children’s playgrounds and pet parks.

You do not need to spray artificial grass with harmful chemicals. Thus synthetic turf is a safer material to build a playground for humans and pets alike. And since it’s soft, it reduces the possibility of getting hurt while playing. Further, humans and pets love running their feet and paws on the artificial turf. 

3. High-Durability And Good Drainage

Pet owners often have a misconception that artificial turf is more challenging to clean. But this is not true. Artificial grass is made with a fibrous material that allows for easy cleaning. The design incorporates sufficient channels to ensure proper drainage. Hence the grass does not get slippery when it gets wet.

Proper drainage means there is no slipping or falling once you have installed the artificial turf. Synthetic grass is highly durable and easy to clean, making it a huge hit with HOAs. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

When growing natural grass, you have to use pesticides and herbicides to keep the pests and weeds at bay. Using these toxic chemicals increases the impact on the ecosystem. On the other hand, Courts and Greens artificial grass installation helps you eliminate chemical fertilizers and herbicides. And since it requires less water, artificial turf is a much more environmentally friendly alternative. 

5. Convenient Installation

Growing grass can be tricky on certain surfaces like patios and around the pool. Whereas places like slopes and tight spaces are difficult to mow. Or, if you have a lawn with acidic soils, it is hard to sustain the grass over time. In such situations, installing artificial grass can save you a lot of trouble. 

You can install a synthetic turf on virtually any surface. You can convert your boring backyard into a lush green lawn with artificial grass. HOAs can attract new residents with this zero-upkeep faux grass that beckons residents to step onto your property. 

6. Low-Maintenance Costs

If you’re not yet convinced, think again! With artificial grass, you can save a ton on maintenance costs. That’s right. There’s no cost of watering or gardening. And there is absolutely no cost of seeding, reseeding, weeding, fertilizing or trimming. In fact, once you’ve installed the artificial turf, there is a negligible cost towards maintenance. 

Homeowners and HOAs can save thousands of dollars by switching from natural grass to artificial grass. And in addition to the money, you can save a lot of time you would otherwise invest in maintaining the green lawn. Take about cost-effective.

 7. Cleaner and Healthier Alternative

Synthetic grass helps you prevent allergies from grass, bugs, and such other allergens. It also enables you to keep the indoors free from muddy foot and paw prints. And if you’re big on cleanliness, keep away bad odor and grass stains on your clothes.

8. Saves Water

HOA’s and homeowners with property in California are familiar with the state’s strict water usage laws. Every house can use a maximum of 55 gallons of water per sq. ft. to grow natural grass. Artificial turfs need only a fraction of this water. So if you are an HOA, artificial grass installation is the perfect way to keep your property in premium condition while saving water.

9. Fun Facilities For Adult Residents

Not only kids, but artificial turf offers lots of fun options for adult residents too. HOAs can attract tenants and homebuyers by installing artificial grass. You can include putting greens, sports areas, volleyball courts, bocce ball courts, etc. And since synthetic grass is very durable and easy to maintain, it is the ideal way to provide fun games and sports facilities for your adult residents. 

10. Better Return on Investment

Artificial grass installation has a better return on investment than a bathroom or kitchen renovation. So if you install artificial turf, you can get more value for your property on resale. Not only can you increase the asking price of your property, but you can start saving immediately from the reduction in maintenance costs and water bills.

What are you waiting for! Increase the curb appeal of your property with artificial grass from Courts and Greens. HOAs and property managers searching for landscaping solutions should definitely consider artificial grass installation. Save time, money, and a great deal of hassle with this simple solution. 


Based in California, Courts and Greens have 26 years of experience in artificial grass installation and maintenance services. Our experts can customize the synthetic turfs to suit the unique needs of homeowners. Increase the value of your property and reduce your costs by calling us at 661-585-4602 today and get a free consultation.