Get Creative With Your Home Turf

By Courts & Greens - April 9th, 2018 in Turf

Synthetic Turf is Growing

Residential installations are a rapidly growing market in the turf industry, because advancements in material and infill technology allows for widespread adoption and use. You too can have a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for your home with Courts & Greens. Why not get creative with uses on your property?

Transform Your Lawn Into Solutions:

  • Residential communities like HOA’s or property managers adopt turf for savings while still maintaining a green lawn, it’s a great way to cut back on gardening fees for cash-strapped associations too.
  • It might seem crazy, but rooftop spaces do well with turf installed on them. It keeps the sun off the roof and offers a layer of insulation to regulate interior temperatures, plus it makes rooftop parties more attractive! Transform your roof into a community or workplace patio!
  • Playgrounds and parks with our turf are safe for kids too. No more itchy grass or fertilizer to irritate skin, and durable enough to withstand repeated play traffic. New microbial pet infill means animals can handle their business without spreading germs also!

Grow With Us

Community parks and playgrounds can reap huge benefits from synthetic turf. There’s a reason so many spaces are adopting it, and you can be part of the turf revolution as well! Give us a call today and we’ll figure out how to make it a solution on your property.


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