Are Fitness Trackers Losing Speed? Should You Get One? Read On!

By Courts & Greens - May 2nd, 2019 in Active, Sports

Are Fitness Trackers Losing Speed? Should You Get One? Read On!

Fitners trackers sucessfully blended the world of tech and athleticism together for years now. Everyone from pro athletes to folks just trying to get in shape found a reason to buy a fitness tracker from whichever brand they like best. But are these trendy accessories accurate? Do they help you get in shape? Are fitness trackers worth the sticker price?

As Bakersfield’s leader in the backyard sports industry, Courts and Greens understands the installation process behind residential basketball courts, tennis courts, putting greens, and more. Therefore, we know a thing or two about which tools sports enthusiasts use both professionally and at home.

Here’s what we’ve gathered about fitness trackers for those who like working out.

Accuracy Behind Fitness Trackers

Research notes that several fitness trackers, smartphones, and applications provide users with about the same accuracy with regards to sleep, heart-rate, and other health features. It’s even been reported that these tools can help detect health issues like sleep apnea. That’s a definite sign that fitness trackers do perform well.

A study analyzed research for Fitbit and Jawbone’s fitness trackers. The purpose of the review was to summarize the evidence for the validity and reliability of these tool’s ability to estimate sleep, energy expenditure, steps, distance, and physical activity. “The results indicated high reliability in all devices for steps, distance, and energy expenditure, with a low reliability for sleep except for certain Fitbit models.”

Loss of Interest

Despite fitness trackers’ ability to connect people online and inspire them to reach their fitness goals, usage of the Fitbit app has consistently declined after data revealed a drop in popularity. It seems that those eager participants who bought a fitness tracker and promised they would prioritize their fitness are already abandoning their goal. There are a lot of reasons as to why the overall popularity of fitness trackers has slowed down some.

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Final Conclusion: Should You Invest In A Fitness Tracker? Maybe!


Fitness trackers really do help promote health and fitness by motivating those who use them!

The key to weight loss or enabling a health routine in your life is to get motivated. And stay motivated. And that’s exactly what fitness trackers do best. They operate as constant reminders to users that they need to check-in on their wellness or step count for the day.