Finally, Artificial Turf That Won’t Give You Cancer

By Courts & Greens - March 14th, 2018 in Turf

Low-Quality Turf Can Be Toxic

If you’re in the market for artificial turf, it’s important to make sure you’re not poisoning the people who are going to be playing on it. It feels like an obvious point, but with recent reports surfacing over artificial turf possibly containing cancer-causing chemicals, we wanted to remind Courts & Greens customers we only deal in non-toxic.

Courts & Greens Partners With SGS Turf

Our supplier SGS Turf uses a comprehensive checks and balances system over every turf component used. This allows their turf to last longer than the competition and thanks to a unique building process, it also makes it fully recyclable. Other Artificial turf brands aren’t recyclable partly because of the chemicals they use.

Our turf also features a unique backing layer to hold everything together so it doesn’t rely on glues or adhesives. And best of all, every Infill option we sell is completely free from recycled tires and other harmful compounds. The end result is 100% non-toxic.

Safe In Every Aspect

Our commitment to safety isn’t so narrow as to only focus on things like broken bones or trip hazards, we’re also focused on the larger environmental factors too. We’re confident with SGS turf and are happy to answer any additional questions you might have, so contact us today!