What Are The Steps To Building A Multi-Court?

By Courts & Greens - April 10th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Please call Courts and Greens so we can help you in your court design. Our skilled professionals will provide a site analysis and estimate, to determine the best location for the court according to your needs.

1. Determine size and component options.
2. Determine color scheme and line design.
3. Finalize and approve proposal, design, and contract.
4. Place component order.
5. Schedule construction work after all permits and approvals are secured.
6. Clear vegetation.
7. Prepare site base.
8. Determine drainage slope and direction.
9. Form, pour concrete and set anchors or sleeves for poles.
10. Install components, surface, and line court.
11. Clean up site.
12. Call friends, neighbors and family to get out the sports gear and HAVE FUN!