A multi-court is designed to accommodate all your favorite sports and games in a space ¼ the size of a tennis court. A standard tennis court is 60′ x 120′ (7200 sq. ft.), while an average multi-court is 30′ x 60′ (1800 sq. ft.).

Lining and color design are usually a family decision, but our multi-courts most often have one set of game lines for paddle tennis, pickleball, tennis, badminton, speedminton, and volleyball. Court sizes can vary from 18′ x 18′ all the way up to 56′ x 104′.

The perimeter playing lines are 20′ x 50′ (a scaled down singles tennis design) on courts over 60′ and 20′ x 44′ on courts under 60′ in length. On courts more than 30′ wide, a 2′ doubles line may be added on each side for foam and short tennis doubles.

Yes, Courts and Greens, builds half and full court basketball courts. Our most popular half court sizes are 30′ x 30′, 30′ x 40′, and 30′ x 50′. Our most popular courts are 35′ x 55′, 30′ x 60′, 35′ x 65′, 40′ x 70′, 46′ x 75′, 50′ x 80′, 54′ x 94′ and 56′ x 104′

Please call Courts and Greens so we can help you in your court design. Our skilled professionals will provide a site analysis and estimate, to determine the best location for the court according to your needs.

1. Determine size and component options.
2. Determine color scheme and line design.
3. Finalize and approve proposal, design, and contract.
4. Place component order.
5. Schedule construction work after all permits and approvals are secured.
6. Clear vegetation.
7. Prepare site base.
8. Determine drainage slope and direction.
9. Form, pour concrete and set anchors or sleeves for poles.
10. Install components, surface, and line court.
11. Clean up site.
12. Call friends, neighbors and family to get out the sports gear and HAVE FUN!

Basketball, Street/deck hockey, tennis, Futsal, Volleyball , Inline/roller hockey, Paddle tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Floor hockey, Pickleball®, Dodgeball, Speedminton®, Roller skating, Kickball, Shuffleboard, Hopscotch, Four square, Handball, Whiffle ball, Tot play, Scooters/trikes, Skateboarding, Parties, Dances, Soccer tennis, and more… In cold climates, many families design their courts so they can be flooded in the winter and made into personal ice rinks!

• To provide a safe place for their children to play sports with friends and family.

• To have a convenient, healthy lifestyle with regular fun exercise.

• To divert kids from video games, the internet, televisions and phone texting.

• To develop and perfect sports skills.

No two backyards are the same and each game court is custom designed, it is difficult to say with certainty how long it will take. It depends on weather, access, terrain, permits, HOA approvals, and so on. Once the designs, colors, and plans are finalized, components are ordered and construction schedules are set, most courts are ready to go in under two weeks

Our focus is sports construction and your satisfaction, which means we only use the best sports flooring products and construction processes to create a customized multi-sport game court to suit your needs.

We are also fully licensed, insured and bonded. We offer a 16-year warranty on our game court surfaces and components. To top it all off, we take pride in what we do and we truly care about your opinion of us.
Investing in a multi-game court does more than just add value to your home and/or business. When choosing to add a custom court to your home or business, you’re investing in a place for families to bond and friendships to grow as well. Our multi-purpose courts help reduce injuries and can be custom built to fit your backyard or any large public facility.

Courts & Greens has continued to push the boundaries in the custom court building industry. With your ideas and our expertise, we can make your custom court the talk of the neighborhood or company. Big or small we build them all. Our court flooring products have proven to be the safest and most cost effective of any synthetic product on the market.

Ranging from elementary gyms to college football synthetic turf, Courts & Greens has changed the way sports are played. All of our sports flooring products are third-party tested for performance and quality standards.

Courts and Greens offers a licensed and bonded team to provide the services and solutions you need from design to installation.

Our license #1016498

We are licensed and bonded as a General Contractor and specifically licensed in Synthetic Products and the other areas below:

  • A – General Engineering Contractor
  • C21 – Building Moving, Demolition
  • C-61 / D06 – Concrete Related Services
  • C-61 / D12 – Synthetic Products
  • C-61 / D63 – Construction Clean-Up
  • C-61 / D34 – Prefabricated Equipment
  • B – General Building Contractor