Fall in Love With Artificial Turf

By Courts & Greens - October 16th, 2019 in Turf


Fall in Love with Artificial Turf 

Artificial turf installation in the state of California is on the rise, and this is not an entirely new phenomenon. The artificial turf used today in residential lawns is a third-generation product.

Originally, synthetic grass or artificial turf was used in sports stadiums for the safety of athletes. With very little maintenance the turf would be ready within minutes, even after heavy rains, causing no interruption to the matches.

With time, it was adapted for other recreational areas such as schools and indoor stadiums. By the early 90’s, airports and commercial spaces benefited from its versatility. And now we see even homeowners taking full advantage of synthetic grass in their residential landscaping.


The sun, the shine and the beach have Californians loving sorts of sports. The state has many professional sports teams playing baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, and more.

Young girls and boys indulge in sports in schools and colleges. Even adults take up sports for exercise or for recreation. Whether it is an outdoor sport or an indoor game, you may require a grassy area.

It is not much of a secret that grass fields cannot withstand continuous usage for 12 months. They cannot take the heavy foot traffic, months of pounding and treading, and become practically dust bowls after a while.

In such a situation, artificial grass provides a durable field to play the matches, virtually all year round.

  1. You can play every day on an artificial turf.
  2. Matches won’t be delayed or will be ready after a few minutes following a rainstorm.
  3. Synthetic grass is softer, leading to no major injuries during a game.

Artificial turf installation is great in schools, parks, playgrounds, interiors, rooftops, landscaping, office spaces, residences, and lounge areas – and the list goes on.

You can find a custom designed artificial lawn installed in your home with the help of Courts and Greens.


The most crucial benefit of installing synthetic turf in your home is that you get to experience a no-fuss comfort. Natural grass may be able to keep your outdoors pretty and make your home the attractive residence in the neighborhood.

But, using it for your lawn or landscape means regular cleaning, trimming, and watering processes. Not to forget, it needs plenty of toxic chemicals in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, deodorants, and others to grow well.

It also allows the growth of mold and weeds, captures moisture, and becomes breeding grounds for insects like fleas and mosquitoes, which enter your home. Furthermore, children and pets bring back blades of grass, dirt, mud, and other unwanted things into your home.

You can be free of all the above troubles by installing artificial grass, which is both enjoyable and safe at any given moment.

Artificial grass is also a very secure area for pets, kids, and even adults, as it does not get slippery when. This means the chances of slipping on it and sustaining injuries reduce.


We can summarize the benefits of artificial grass as follows:

With all these great features, look no further than Courts and Greens as your artificial grass wholesale dealers in California. We work closely with the homeowners and building owners to ensure that we meet the HOA guidelines regarding synthetic turf in your area.


No matter what your age and where you live, we all love to see some greenery around us. But we are so tired from the busy lives that we have no energy left to take care of our beautiful lawns.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, is easy to clean, and has very little water requirement. And think of all the saved hours on your lawn mowing.


Most homeowners invest in artificial grass to enhance the beauty of their homes. Especially if you have a small space that does not catch a lot of sun, then turn to synthetic turf landscaping to entertain the guests outside.

One of the best ways to increase the appeal of our outdoors is to give wings to your creative landscaping ideas. Amaze your guests with a stunning landscape all through the year.


Instead of gravel or hard-surfaced play areas, why not give your kids and pets a wonderful experience with artificial turf installation? Include a backyard play area for your kids using grass which keeps them safe even as they are roughhousing.

Having a separate and fluffy play space for your pets lets them enjoy the fresh air and do their bathroom business in comfort. The specially designed drainage channels in our pet turfs guarantee superior drainage, and are ideal for dogs and other pets.


Getting a putting green in your backyard may be a pipe dream for you. Now you can make it a reality with dealers in artificial grass wholesale, Courts and Greens.

Even if you are a casual golfer or a heavy socializer, you can spend quality time with friends and family and give them the ultimate putting experience.


If you are not a big fan of golf, do not worry; there are other activities for which you use your artificial lawn. You can enjoy games like badminton, volleyball, and tennis on your turf by contacting the right installation experts. We use eco-friendly materials to create custom designs for spaces of any size and shape.

Have a highly specialized multi-game court that suits your interests ready in a matter of weeks. For HOAs, having a multi-game court increases the value of the community.


For a total landscape makeover, artificial grass is the best turf you can use. And, fall is the right time to get it installed. Want to know why?

Beat the heat.

Early in the fall, when you get away from the harsh summer’s heat, the ground gets ready for new turf. Getting your lawn installed in fall allows you to enjoy the vibrant outdoors when spring rolls around.

Look at all the colors!

Fall is such a romantic season that makes everything around us seem even more appealing. Installing your lawn in the cooler weather also makes more sense than sweating it out in the sultry months of summer.

Preparing the ground is much easier.

Since the weather is cool and the ground is softer, excavating your old lawn will be an easy process. You are also less likely to damage the plants in your yard. You will have a brand new garden ready in time for the festive season.

Courts and Greens offer artificial turf installation for residences, where we listen to your ideas in our free consultation and recommend ways to achieve your vision. Call us today at 661-585-4602 and let us know how we can help.