Fake Grass Continues to Grow

By Courts & Greens - November 9th, 2017 in Uncategorized

front lawn synthetic lawn by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Fake it ‘til You Make it

It’s not inaccurate to say artificial turf or fake grass is growing; but not in the same way natural grass does. Instead of busting out the lawnmower every weekend in response to your natural lawn shooting up another two centimeters, we’ve no intention of cutting back on the turf that’s steadily proving to homeowners why the hype is justified.  

Turf by the Numbers:

According to, a National Association of Realtors website, artificial turf is expanding as much as 10-15% each year as both homeowners and property renters are finding creative ways to easily add green to their place.  By Houselogic’s math, most turf pays for itself within 7 years, leaving plenty of serviceable life for years after.  

Let’s Get Growing!

We realize not all installations are identical though, so give us a call to discuss the specifics of your home or business and what you’re looking for. Together we’ll figure out the best turf that’s price matched to your needs and budget.

It’s time to join the millions who are enjoying hassle-free green lawns, playgrounds, patios, and even rooftops with Courts & Greens synthetic turf. Are you ready to grow?