Protect Your Turf From Fading

By Courts & Greens - March 4th, 2019 in Uncategorized

blades of synthetic grass by courts and greens in Bakersfield

We Won’t Dim Your Shine Or Let Your Lawn Fade

Some turf lawns begin to fade as the product ages. However, fading is nearly non-existant when you get a high-quality, warranty-backed product like the ones Courts and Greens provides. Our turf is made to withstand weather elements and foot traffic, even when the harshest weather condtions contribute to fading over the years.

Courts and Greens is here to make sure your lawn stays fresh and green! Whether you need some green around your office building or a full backyard installation, Courts and Greens has you covered with a 16-year warranty. After all, if you can dream it, we can build it!

How To Avoid Damaging Your Turf

Nevertheless, there are things that can negatively affect your synthetic turf. Keep caustic chemicals along with bleach or other home cleaners away from your turf. These types of chemicals should be kept away from your lawn at all times because they can damage it severly. Any chemical that can damage your floors or fabrics can alter your turf lawn.

Prolong Your Lawn’s Life

Good news! There are preventative measures you can take to protect your turf investment. Always follow the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. Next, don’t forget to rinse your turf lawn or turf area.

While turf lawns do not need watering like a natural grass lawn does, it is important to rinse it every now and then to prevent fading or staining. If you live in a really hot area like Bakersfield, CA, a rinse here and there can remove the collective dust and grime.

Always remove the debris around your yard as it collects like tree sap from branches. Once tree sap hardens, it’s really difficult to remove. Also, watch out for food particles or wrappers. Looking out for your lawn’s durability is much easier than maintaining your natural grass lawn. A turf lawn, with a little maintenance, will look incredible for years and save you money on irrigation.

The Right Grass For Your Needs

Courts & Greens can transform any space into a maintenance-free, water-free haven! Our experts will custom design and install Artificial Turf (Synthetic Grass) of any shape or size. Do you have a small area in your yard that is constantly in the shade and is never green, artificial turf is great for that. Or do you have a large open space that you wish to be a luscious green area that is vertically maintenance-free? Our artificial turf installation team will consult with you and install the right grass for your needs.  Give us a call today!