How California’s Droughts Impact Artificial Turf Lawns Demand

By Courts & Greens - August 30th, 2021 in Uncategorized


How California’s Droughts Impact Lawns and Artificial Turf Demand

The artificial grass business is booming, and turf demand has skyrocketed.


Across our drought-hit state, the benefits of artificial turf are undeniable.

Substituting real grass with artificial turf can save you more than 2000 liters of water per square meter. And that’s not all! You can save on your water costs and penalties for excessive use too.

In 2015, once the drought situation reached its peak, the lack of snow and low rainfall hit the state’s water reserves. Wells dried up, and water levels plummeted to an all-time low. Water rationing and supply cuts made it untenable to maintain the characteristic American lawn.

And, since then, California has introduced several laws for water conservation.

Let’s take a look at these California lawn laws.

California Turf Lawn Laws and Water Conservation

In 2018, the former governor for California enacted Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668. Under these laws, the Department of Water Resources seeks to promote water conservation by imposing mandates on the water suppliers.  

The water supplier has a water budget for the entire service area. The supplier is responsible for deciding how to meet the target and the basis for distribution. Many suppliers come up with creative ways to meet these targets. Homeowners and businesses get incentives to install water-efficient appliances. They’re also offered cuts in water rates based on their water consumption.

In a bid to increase water conservation, the 2018 legislation has set a roadmap that will come into effect in 2023. It seeks to reduce the per capita indoor residential water use target from 55 gallons in 2023 to 50 gallons by 2030.

Artificial Turf Demand

The artificial turf demand has increased by at least 50% a year since the droughts in 2015. Nearly everyone across California is switching out their traditional lawn for a low maintenance of artificial turf.

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