Don’t Forget About the Hoops

By Courts & Greens - August 9th, 2017 in Service

basketeball playground by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Basketball Court Flooring is Only Half the Equation

For an epic Basketball court, you can’t overlook the hoops. Here are a couple reasons why our hoops outscore the rest.

We’ve talked about our Basketball courts plenty of times before. We’ve discussed how the flooring we use is top quality, and the custom color and design options that are available, but what about the ends of the court too? What does Courts and Greens offer that truly sets their hoops above the rest?

The ends of the basketball court really do justify the means.

When Basketball was originally invented, players used fruit baskets to score points. We’ve come a long way since. Today, our hoops and backboards aren’t just mounted on a pole; they’re fully adjustable and durable too.

From 5 feet to 10 with the twist of a handle.

Not quite a pro with your slam dunk skills? No problem. Work your way up to professional level height with a 90 degree rotation of the handle on the back. Not only can you raise the height in increments to monitor your progress, the handle is fully removable to keep younger hands from tampering and possible injury.

Thick Steel that will steal your heart

California is known for its earthquakes, and while no basketball hoop or court is safe from every natural disaster, we know our courts will hold up better than the rest. Our hoops are constructed with 5 gauge thick steel, which is thicker than industry standard. Steel galvanized mounting hardware and floor bolts means you’ll have an assembly that resists rust and corrosion over time too.

We build your court to last, and quality like this is more affordable than you think. Give us a call today, and build the basketball court of your dreams!