10 Benefits of New Equipment for Custom School Gymnasiums

By Courts & Greens - September 12th, 2019 in Active, Courts, Main Service, Service, Sports

custom basketball gym set up by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Health and fitness form an integral part of a child’s wellness and education.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, children above the age of 6 years need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every dayFurthermore, over 90 percent of U.S. school students are unfit because they don’t get sufficient exercise. Many parents are now vocal about the need to get kids to unplug and participate in physical activities like sports, gym, and outdoor games. 

 That’s where custom school gymnasiums are a great way to help kids stay fit. With well-kept equipment for your custom school gymnasium, kids can train for a specific sport or develop healthy habits for a lifetime.

 Are you ready to embrace a fitter lifestyle?

 If yes, check out these top 10 benefits of new gym equipment to give the school gym an exciting makeover. 

1. Durable Flooring Designed With DEN Performance Standards

 Safety is paramount when it comes to school gymnasiums. And the gym flooring is an essential feature to ensure this. With this in mind, we’ve designed a highly specialized flooring to withstand the needs for high performance and heavy impact. Our custom school gymnasiums have flooring that meets the DEN performance standards.

 It is better and more durable than concrete or carpet. Further, they provide sufficient cushioning for high-performance activities to ensure minimal injury. And this gives our athletes a safe place to practice and excel their favorite sports.

 2. Pump Up Student Enthusiasm

There’s nothing like a brand new school gym decked with custom school felt banners to get the students excited about workouts. Talk to a professional court installation company to design a customized school gym based on your budget in 18 standard colors. Further, Courts & Greens also allow you to customize the new equipment in your school colors for the extra factor motivation during school events. 

 We can incorporate the keys elements to support progressive training and fitness programs for your students. These programs help emphasize correct form and better results. Make sure to add scoreboards and goal tracking systems that help students set targets and keep students motivated.

 3. Lay The Groundwork For Good Lifelong Habits

 When we think about physical education, most of us think about annual tests to assess your fitness level and games of dodge ball to check your motor skills. But physical education is about so much more.

 It is about educating students on the many benefits of strength training, bodyweight training, aerobic activities, cardio training, and so much more. And, new equipment is a great way to encourage students to focus on their physical education classes.

 These classes focus on teaching students the importance of good form and disciplined training for a healthy lifestyle. Many students use these learned skills to develop good habits that they can carry into adulthood for a healthier lifestyle. 

4. Reduce Stress

 While we know school is not about marks and academic banners, the pressure to excel at academics often leads to stress and anxiety. It is also important to acknowledge the social pressure many students face to fit in. Customized school gymnasiums help students channel all this stress and pressure into their workouts. It provides them a safe and healthy way to unwind and relax. During workouts, the body releases endorphins that act as stress busters. They help improve the mood and social disposition of students. 

5. Lowers Chances Of Developing Health Conditions

 An active lifestyle reduces the risk of premature death due to health conditions like diabetes, heart disorders, high blood pressure, obesity, and others.

 Therefore, parents and schools need to make a collective effort to teach students about the importance of fitness in their daily life. And that is where custom school gymnasiums become a must-have for every school.

 Physical education teaches students how to make smart and healthy lifestyle choices at an early age. Therefore, it not only reduces the risk of chronic diseases in adulthood, but it also raises awareness about mental and physical health.

6. Stronger Body, Mind, and Soul

 Gyms are not all about strenuous workouts and a bucketful of sweat. It also provides a space for activities like Yoga and Zumba. These aerobic workouts cater to the needs of students who don’t particularly enjoy high energy workouts with heavy weight lifting or using advanced machines.

 The low demanding activities allow for inclusive fitness programs. Thus custom school gymnasiums have something to offer for everyone. Yoga is often said to be food for the soul. It is good for your heart and brain health. 

7. Improves Focus For Better Learning

Spending an hour working out on the custom school felt banners could go a long way in getting your name on those coveted academic banners.

 Yes, you heard us right! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can improve classroom learning by increasing physical activity

 8. Improves Team Bonding

When it comes to sports, success depends on your team. It’s all about trusting your teammates. While you can work individually to get your name on those academic banners, you can’t win a team sport by excelling alone. Workouts are a great way to bring the team together. The team builds trust and communication alongside a healthy dose of good rapport, which can often make the difference between runners-up and winners. 

9. Promotes School Spirit

And what better way to give your school teams an extra morale boost than to have custom school gymnasiums painted in your school colors! It is bound to increase team morale and promote school spirit at home games. 

10. Safety Features

Courts & Green’s offer custom felt gymnasium flooring with wall pads and ceiling/wall mounted backstops. Our multi-purpose gyms are designed to minimize injury. In fact, our USA-made flooring carries a 12-year warranty. 

If you are considering an upgrade or makeover for your school gym, speak with an experienced professional from Courts & Greens to determine the best equipment for your custom school gymnasium.