How to Improve Your Health With A Custom Multi-Game Court In Your Backyard

By Courts & Greens - July 20th, 2019 in All Pro Hoops, Courts, Games, Main Service

A custom multi-game court is a great way to convert your backyard into the perfect family games zone. 

Invite your friends to come over for a game. Or practice the perfect shot with all-pro-hoops for your basketball team. Or pick up a game for the fun of it. With a multi-purpose games court at your disposal, you have the opportunity to exercise and socialize simultaneously. 

 What’s more? These courts help build an active lifestyle by providing ready access to stay fit.

 Well, it sure sounds fun. But, what is a custom multi-game court, and its health benefits? Let’s read to understand this more.

What Is a Custom Multi-Game Court?

When it comes to active sports, most games require a large area of land e.g., tennis or soccer. Then it may also be challenging when different family members have different sports preferences. 

That’s where a multi-sport court can come to your rescue.

A multi-sport court has a customized design that caters to all your favorite sports. And it is only a quarter the size of the standard tennis court. An average multi-game court is about 30’ x 60’ or 1,800 sq. ft. You can alter the multi-game court dimensions based on your requirements. 

How Is It Beneficial?

Customized multi-sport courts create more efficient use of space and land. When you have a limited budget, multi-purpose sporting courtss are an economical solution.

Courts and Greens custom multi-game courts can accommodate up to 8 games. These include games like giant chess, badminton, basketball, shuffleboard, bocce ball, giant pool, tetherball, batting cage, and putting green. Various combinations of these can be incorporated depending on your preference and the size of the court. Most court dimensions range from 18′ x 18′ to 56′ x 104′.

Further, these courts allow you to play different sports depending on the season. For instance, you can practice hockey in an outdoor court in January. So instead of building separate areas for the different games, you can simply take down the nets and play hockey on your tennis courts. Or add a couple of all-pro-hoops to your court for basketball games. This way, you can save land, money, and tonnes of expenses in maintenance.

Now, let’s look at how you can improve your health with a custom multi-game court.

Health Benefits Of Installing a Custom Multi-Game Court

1.     Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

According to the American Heart Association (ADA), any endurance activity keeps your heart health, lungs, and circulatory system healthy while improving your overall fitness. By regularly using such courts, you can reduce the risk of many diseases while improving your cardiovascular health.

2.     Stay Fit & De-stress

If you want to lose those extra pounds or get into shape, the custom multi-game court gives you an excellent aerobic workout. Playing regularly helps you stay fit while enjoying the sport with a loved one enables you to unwind and de-stress.

3.     Build Bone Strength & Natural Immunity

Ongoing physical activity helps to build your muscles and bones. And continuous training encourages the formation of new tissue in and around your bones. These court-based activities gradually increase your bone strength and improve natural immunity.

4.     Excellent Form Of Strength Training

Playing sports is an excellent form of a full-body workout. It helps you strengthen muscles in your lower back, neck, abs, and core. So if you want to develop lean muscles and stamina, install a custom multi-game court in your backyard today.

5.     Promotes Mental Development & Better Coordination

Many games like chess and tennis require exercising the brain for strategic planning and thinking. Such games help you train your brain to think ahead and make quick decisions for a successful play. They also help in the development of better hand-eye and body coordination along with motor skills, thus enhancing mental development.

6.     Develop Concentration, Confidence, and Self-Discipline

Make the most of your multi-game court dimensions by installing a variety of games and sports. When you play different sports, you develop better agility, focus, and discipline. You stay alert and become aware of your surroundings. It also keeps you balanced in thought so that you remain competitive without losing sight of the target.                        

7.     Encourages Social Development

In a digital world, it has increasingly become essential to get time away from the screen. Think of it as a “digital detox.” By playing team sports and encouraging human interaction, you can help your kids, and yourself develop social skills. Advancing such communication improves your disposition, confidence in social situations, and has an overall positive impact on all aspects of your life.

 As you can see, participating in sports and games has numerous benefits. Whether it’s active playing or simply watching and cheering from the sidelines, a custom multi-game court offers a slew of alternatives to stay mentally and physically fit.

So, what are you waiting for? Still, need more reasons to get a multi-sport court? Read on.

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Custom Multi-game Court

Make sports a part of your daily fitness routine with custom multi-game courts from Courts & Greens.