Complementing Your Synthetic Turf With Real Plants

By Courts & Greens - April 17th, 2018 in Turf

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring is here, and with it, everything is beginning to turn green and warm up. It’s time to start thinking about improving your outdoor space with all this great weather, why not spend your time and efforts adding to your freshly installed turf? It’s a great compliment that adds a touch of color around your home.

We Won’t Beat Around The Bush

When choosing plants to compliment your artificial lawn, it’s best to pick plants that are low-maintenance like the turf they’ll be living beside. Opting for low water plants will keep costs low and ensure success. That’s why water efficient annual and perennial flowers are a good way to keep your landscape colorful year round.

Adding stone accents is another idea. Some individuals add rock walls, fences, or stepping stone paths as a way to disrupt the excessive concentration of green turf. Others add a bit of water with a reflection pond or fountain. Synthetic turf is very adaptable to surroundings, including relaxing or serene ones so rocks are always a great choice.

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