We Do Commercial Turf Installations Too

By Courts & Greens - November 7th, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Great for Those Hard to Water Areas

We’ve long touted the benefits to installing our turf in your home yard. But what about using synthetic grass in business applications? You’ll find many of the same benefits still apply, like office exteriors stay green, lower costs and greater durability.

Your Bottom Line is Our Top Concern

Commercial properties can easily cost two or three times more than residential lots when it comes to maintenance and utilities.  Landscape and gardening expenses are no exception, so having something that you don’t have to mow, water, or worry about turning brown means synthetic turf is a clear winner that will pay for itself.  

Obvious cost savings aside, property owners are also getting creative with where they put their turf, and some are discovering the benefits of rooftop greens on their buildings.  Not only can it create an attractive rooftop oasis, the turf also acts as an insulator, shielding roof tiles and tar from sunlight in the summer and helping to retain rising heat in the winter.  Choosing a thicker turf or one with extra infill only helps to increase this benefit.  

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Discover if Commercial Turf is Right For You

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