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By Courts & Greens - July 13th, 2020 in Uncategorized

Are you considering installing a sporting courts? Check out our customized residential sporting courts installations in the recent past.

Over the past month, due to the crisis, people are forced to stay and work. But staying home is not so easy. And that is where sporting courts come in. You can banish boredom and anxiety with adrenaline pumping games on your personal sporting courts.

Take a look at some of our May projects for inspiration.

The Pickle Ball Court

Pickleball is an exciting combination of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It involves a rectangular pickle-ball court, a tennis court styled net, racquetball paddles, and a ping pong ball.

It is suitable for all age groups from grandma to the kids. A set of fun and quirky rules make it the perfect game for your entire family.

Check out this brand new 60×34 coated pickle-ball court in California. Our team added some fancy lighting to ensure you never have to stop a game due to bad lighting.

We also installed coated fencing to keep the ball from flying loose. Our pickle-ball court has a concrete foundation to ensure it can withstand the elements of nature.

Tennis Court

If you’re unsure about trying something new, you can always go with a classic tennis court. Take a look at this lovely blue tennis court we installed at Groveland in Yosemite. We transformed this old court into a full-scale tennis court.

We use state of the art surfaces for the best in class tennis courts. You can choose the color and type of surface based on your needs. Our team of professional installers will translate your designs into the tennis court of your dreams.

 Can’t decide which sporting courts you want? What if we told you, you could have both? Yes, that’s right. You can have a combination of a tennis court, a pickle-ball court, and a basketball court. You can also opt for a multi-sporting court and include all the favorite sports of each family member.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call your friendly neighborhood professional sporting courts installation experts.

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