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By Courts & Greens - August 10th, 2017 in Service

basketball hoops by Courts and Greens in Bakersfield

Dunk Smarter and Harder With Quality and Safety in Mind

We talked about the importance of a basketball hoop in the quality of our courts, and why a simple pole in the dirt isn’t the answer when you’re looking for a premium, quality court solution. Galvanized 5 gauge steel poles and adjustable height contribute to that quality, but surely there’s more to why a Courts and Greens hoop scores higher than the competition, right?

Dunk Basketballs, not Donuts

Consider our breakaway hoops and tempered glass backboards, for instance. No net hooks around the rim means your fingers won’t get caught when you dunk. 165 pound breakaway force also means just the right amount of give when you hang on for that epic dunk too. Just the satisfying sound of net as it whooshes past textured orange rubber for another exceptional score.

Safety First Means You’re Always Ready to Play

These features are built with safety in mind, and it’s also why our 5 gauge poles are padded against impact by players who may fall or trip out of bounds. Going headfirst into a steel pole is never any fun, so we pad them in 2 inch thick, high impact gusset padding that easily absorbs contact.

We also cover the lower edges of our tempered glass backboards too, because backboard corners can hurt just as much as steel poles.

All the more reason our courts are the undisputed champion from the rest of the competition. You’re not just getting quality, you’re getting practical safety at an affordable price so you can keep playing, and not worry about getting sidelined by an unnecessary injury.

Check out our complete court selection here, and start building the court of your dreams today!