How to Hide Your Artificial Grass Seams from Showing

By Courts & Greens - May 10th, 2020 in Turf, Service

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How to Hide Your Artificial Grass Seams from Showing

Many property owners are choosing to install artificial turf over natural grass. And why not! It’s virtually maintenance-free and offers a luscious green area all year round. There are not many problems with artificial grass.

But, you may have noticed visible lines or ridges in synthetic lawns. These occur when the artificial grass seams are not installed properly. For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional for a seamless artificial grass installation.

In case you are planning a DIY, we’ll explore how to hide the artificial grass seams altogether. But before that, let’s look at why the seams occur.

Why Do Artificial Grass Seams Show?

Is your artificial grass lumpy?

A seam is where two pieces of artificial turf come together. When the turf is not placed precisely, visible lines occur at these seams. Unfortunately, artificial grass seams are a common problem in synthetic turfs.

Installing the turf involves measuring the area and cutting the rolls to the set dimensions. Our experts then lay out the rolls over the area while aligning the adjacent edges. These edges are then fixed and secured together using seaming tape, glue, or nails in a very precise manner to ensure no seams are visible.

Here’s what you can do to hide the seams from showing.

Consider the Turf Gauge

Gauge is the distance between rows of grass blades stitched together into the backing material. To prevent artificial grass seams from showing, take into account the positioning of the stitch rows of grass blades on the two pieces of turf you are putting together.

Align parallel stitch rows in a manner that ensures the gauge is visually uninterrupted by the seam. This is a great way to make the turf to look like one big uniform piece of artificial grass. Thus, when cutting the artificial turf for seaming, take extra care to match the gauge for perfect seams.

Consider the Grain Direction

Grain direction is simply the direction in which the grass blades point. When installing artificial turf, you want to place all the pieces of turf in a manner that ensures the grass blades point in the same direction.

For this purpose, our experts recommend laying out the rolls over the area you want to cover for about 24 hours. Since the turf comes in rolls, this allows the grass blades to acclimatize once laid open. And thus make it easier for you to ensure the grain direction is uniform across the turf.

Using the Synthetic Turf Seam Tool

Synthetic turf seam tool is a unique tool that helps you cut the turf from the top. Our artificial grass installation experts swear by this tool! It is a great way to make your seam installation perfect and effortless. Not only do your seams never show through, but they are also virtually undetectable and can withstand the test of time.

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