All You Need to Know About Artificial Grass and HOAs

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Artificial Grass and HOAs

All You Need to Know About Artificial Grass and HOAs

A lush, green lawn is quite flattering to look at and raises the value of a beautiful neighborhood. But keeping it that way throughout the year can be challenging. You might need to load up on grass gaps, mulch, fertilizers, critter control products, termite schedule, mowing equipment, and a maintenance schedule to keep it all going. Not to mention, aerating the grass, removing all the dead leaves and debris at the end of the season. Along with seasonal changes, maintaining an attractive outdoor environment gets difficult for property managers and homeowners executives, especially if there is a large footfall in the area. For this reason, the installation of artificial grass is an excellent solution for HOA’s, as it requires virtually no maintenance. Read on to learn more about Artificial Grass and HOAs. 

How Artificial Grass and HOA’s Work Together

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are organizations formed by planned communities or subdivisions, who make and enforce regulations for the residents and properties within their jurisdiction. Property owners in an HOA automatically become its members and need to pay their dues and adhere to the restrictions set by the association. 

One of the restrictions an HOA can set for its members is what they can or cannot do with their properties. These rules include the outdoor landscaping, fence type, or the color of the paint. Such rules also include HOA artificial turf guidelines, which vary for each association. Violating these conditions may result in penalties and in some cases, litigations.

Artificial Grass as a Viable Choice

Of late, there has been a significant rise in the installation of artificial grass in California, especially after the state’s drought in 2015.

Numerous residents in California now realize the advantages of having a synthetic turf installed in their homes. The most significant appeal of using synthetic grass for your lawn is that it does not require much water.

That’s one of the reasons why many Californians are now installing artificial turf in their yards. And its usage seems to be growing steadily at 10-15% every year.

Weather Conditions

Although California is a gorgeous place, there is a lot of work that goes into keeping the yard beautiful all through the year. Depending on the city and its proximity to the beach, mountains, or desert, the regional temperatures vary drastically. Rainfall is sparse and little and occurs from October to March. There is a significant investment in a maintenance schedule to keep the grass trimmed and healthy all year long.

Water Usage Laws

California has strict water usage laws set for homeowners. Each home may use only up to 55 gallons per sq. ft to when growing natural grass. During the four-year drought in California in 2015, the residents were asked to cut down their water use by 25%. This situation made them look for ways to incorporate native plants and low-water-use plants in their landscapes.

This period was also when an enormous interest spiked in artificial turf installation, which requires a minimal amount of water for cooling or rinsing off.

Cash Rebates

Some HOA’s offer incentives and cash rebates to homeowners who chose no-water or low-water landscaping. While you can get your money back by using Astroturf in HOA, the amount depends on various factors.

The cash rebate you gain depends on the usage of natural shrubs, native plants, or cactus in the landscape design. So, by following your HOA artificial turf guidelines, you not only save costs on maintenance of your yard, but you can also make some cash.

Reasons to Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is maintenance-free and cost-effective; but those are not the only reasons why sporting facilities, business establishments, and homeowners are turning to artificial grass.

Advantages of Synthetic Grass

Realistic Appearance

Synthetic turf stays the same height, thickness, and color all year round. Even in the driest of summers, Astroturfs in HOA can be maintained perfectly manicured and trimmed. Courts and Greens artificial lawn installations look realistic, luxurious, and healthy.

Safe for Kids and Pets

Outdoor artificial turf installation allows kids and pets to play around in the temperate Californian weather. Synthetic turf is safe for pooches and children as it feels good on their paws, claws, and feet. There are also no chemicals sprayed on artificial grass.

Durability and Drainage

People have misconceptions about the drainage and cleanliness of artificial grass and HOA’s outdoors. Pets, especially dogs, tend to dig and bring stuff indoors, after doing their business. But the fact is that your pets’ bathroom needs are kept in mind when we design the synthetic pet turfs. Proper drainage channels and usage of proprietary fibrous material ensure that they do not bring back bad odors or unsightly stains indoors.

Environmentally Friendly

Pesticides and herbicides are required to grow natural grass, which can be avoided with artificial turf. Reduced water use and the elimination of toxic chemicals make it an environmentally friendly option.

Cost Savings

Watering, trimming, cleaning, fertilizing, and other maintenance for natural grass may cost thousands of dollars every year. By installing artificial turfs, you can reduce this figure significantly by eliminating the costs of irrigation or gardening services.

Artificial Turf Installation

Our installation process of artificial grass and HOA’s guidelines go hand-in-hand. Have a look at the synthetic lawn installation services Courts and Greens offers for residences.


Courts and Greens offer artificial turf installation services in California. With 26 years of experience, our experts can design synthetic turfs, uniquely suited for homeowners. Gain cost savings and an overall increase in your property value by calling us at 661-585-4602 for a free consultation.