Add A PickleBall Court To Your Yard

By Courts & Greens - May 2nd, 2018 in Games

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A Bit Of Sun Never Deters A Californian…

With pickleball trending among families looking for a simple yet fun sport that can be played between all ages and skills, Courts & Greens has everything you need to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It’s time to dust off your paddle and brush up on your wiffle ball serves because pickleball is the sport to play this season!

20’ x 44’, Or Wherever You Imagine

We cater to every custom whim when installing your court or turf solution, so if you want your PickleBall court to USAPA standards, we can make it happen. Feeling a bit daring? Roll out some surrounding putting turf or make a court large enough for a multi-game court system. Pickleball shares similar equipment and lines to sports like tennis, badminton, or even volleyball.

We strive for quality. Our sport surfacing solutions are hands down the best way to play, with just the right amount of support and cushion. Your joints will thank you for the reduced shock, allowing you to play longer, and with less risk of injury.

A True Game For Everyone

We’re all about family games, but with so many playgrounds and parks ill-equipped for sports like pickleball, it’s going to fall to the rest of us to maintain places to play.  Add some lines to your existing court installation, or contact us for estimates on a brand new installation with pickleball lines!