5 Ways to Extend Your Artificial Turf’s Lifespan

By Courts & Greens - January 5th, 2021 in Turf

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Synthetic grass is a low-maintenance option to create a relaxing space in homes. Property and homeowners usually have around ten years of warranty on artificial grass products, and with minimal upkeep, you can keep it clean and shining.

Pet use and high foot traffic are some of the main factors that can impact its look, but it is easy to increase your artificial turf’s lifespan if you can spend a few minutes every week on its care.

Here are the top five ways to do that:

Fluff the Grass

Using a flexible leaf rake or soft-bristled broom, brush the lawn and gently fluff it up. This action lifts the synthetic turf blades that get bent or lay flat on the surface due to continuous stomping of feet or heavy movement.

After enduring such beat down for a long period, they get a refreshed look and look their best when you brush. But remember to use soft tools that do not damage the blades but extend the artificial turf’s lifespan.

Remove Weeds from the Edge

The primary benefit of using synthetic grass is that you don’t have to deal with nasty weeds popping up in the backyard. However, they can grow around the borders of the artificial turf. Make sure to eliminate them as soon as you notice; otherwise, they can spread and separate it from your driveway or fence.

Take Care of Yard Debris

Dust and debris may collect between the delicate fibers of the synthetic grass every day. With changing seasons, twigs, leaves, straw mulch, pollen, pine straw, and many other things can damage the artificial lawn. Removing them regularly prevents the occurrence of potential holes and tears.

Clean Pet Residues

The texture and feel of artificial turf resemble natural grass, and pets can’t tell the difference. They love to do their business on it, and these stains may become too stubborn to remove with home remedies.

One way to avoid such concerns and prolong your artificial turf’s lifespan is to clean up after your pets. If your pet urinates, immediately spray it down with water. Pick up the deposited fecal matter with a scoop and throw it away. Use soapy water to remove any residues.

Get Rid of Spills and Stains

Synthetic grass products are stain-resistant for most parts. However, chemical spills, bird or pet feces, wine, and other liquids can cause staining no matter how strict the manufacturing standards are.

If you leave them for long without cleaning, they can be disastrous to the material. But with timely and proper care, you can increase its durability and longevity.

Extend Your Artificial Turf’s Lifespan with Expert Care

These simple and easy tasks can keep your lawn green and lush for several years. Speak to Courts and Greens experts about the right way to clean and maintain various synthetic lawn materials.