3 Steps To Play Pickleball

By Courts & Greens - May 4th, 2018 in Games

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No Need To Get Yourself In A Pickle

Pickleball has gained huge popularity among group sports recently, and understandably so once you’ve played it. It’s a simple yet fun game played in a similar fashion to badminton or tennis. It uses a small plastic whiffle ball instead of a birdie and slightly different court dimensions, but with just a few friends and the perfect court, you’ll have a fun game to enjoy all summer long.

Steps To Follow:

Zip ties and pillowcases is one way to do it, but we suggest simply calling or texting to invite people to play instead. Pickleball is played as either singles or doubles, so at most, all you’ll need is to pry 3 additional friends away from their smartphone screens to get some fresh air.

Pickleball requires few items to play, only consisting of a paddle, net, and ball. You can find these at most sporting goods stores or online, and at little cost. Similar sports may also have makeshift paddles or whiffle balls you can use as well.

Finally, settle on a place to play. 44 feet by 20 feet and a low-strung net is the most you’ll need for a pickleball court, but if you already have a court installed by Courts & Greens then you’re definitely ready to play!

Score Big On Quality

Can’t find a place to play? Give us a call today! We can add a Pickleball court to an existing installation, or start from scratch and custom create one to your tastes and preferences. We also offer free estimates and industry-leading warranties, meaning that the only question you’ll have to ask at this point is: “Why go anywhere else?.”