Eyes Buy Lies, but Feet Can’t be Beat

By Courts & Greens - November 14th, 2017 in Uncategorized

red shoes on lawn

The Right Steps Towards a Realistic Feel

What sets synthetic turf apart from natural grass? One of the most exciting aspects of artificial turf is the fact it keeps getting deceptively more realistic every year. We’ve long since compared the pros and cons of each, but many still think appealing turf rests only with the eyes.

How it looks is crucial, but don’t overlook the role of your sole in maintaining that illusion of soft and inviting.  

When it Looks Great but Feels Terrible.  

Few things in life are more disappointing than setting your eyes on an appealing square of lawn only to find it’s harder than the pavement you just stepped off of. It’s also a dead giveaway that what you’re walking on is anything but grass, which leaves most people searching for greener pastures.  

Properly installed turf is supposed to be soft and inviting, offering a bit of rebound and cushion thanks to high-quality infill.  Yet overlooked details like this will ruin any hopes of that comfort.  Anyone can unroll and nail a bit of turf, but if you treat it as if it’s an indoor carpet install you’re going to be as disappointed as the Dodgers were at this year’s World Series.  

Courts & Greens Has Your Back and Your Feet.  

That’s why Courts & Greens takes all the details of your turf install into consideration, including the surface preparation underneath and choosing the right infill to compliment it. Don’t risk doing it wrong the first time and then either living with that mistake or paying more to redo it. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure your turf installation starts off on the right foot.