10 Benefits of Indoor Training Turf for Athletic Use

By Courts & Greens - November 28th, 2020 in Turf, Sports

10 Benefits of Indoor Training Turf for Athletic Use

Indoor training turf is heavily rooted in the exercise and training market.  Athletes love to work out on this versatile turf. And why not. Many fitness activities such as HIIT, functional training, body-weight training, and cross-fit training are easily done on such turfs, increasing the demand for gym turf for athletic and fitness use.

Here are 10 benefits of indoor training turf


Indoor turf is especially engineered with strong tuft binding technology. Gym turf can withstand rigorous training and heavy foot traffic. This makes it a great choice for indoor fitness and training centers with equipment, dumbbells, barbells, and much more.

Aesthetic appeal

Vibrant and lush green turf adds energy and positivity to the training centers, especially when it comes to turf for crossfit gym areas. The turf looks attractive and clean, which increases the overall aesthetic appeal of the indoor training space. 

Reduces pressure injuries

The turf design provides a buffer when it comes to high impact training. The padding underlay cushions any impact that may be hard on critical joints like the ankles, elbows, hips, and knees, reducing pressure injuries. 

Highly customizable

Gym turf is available in a range of colors, lengths, blade shapes, and backings. You have the option to customize your turf based on your specific requirements. You can get the logo of your favorite teams or replace rubber infill with padding. The choice is yours.

Versatile design

Indoor training turf has been tested for agility and traction. There is a perfect balance between the resistances from traction, the agility, and the speed. In fact, many athletes feel that it promotes their speed performance.

Low maintenance

You can save a great deal of time in regular upkeep and maintenance. To clean the gym turf, all you have to do is take your brush and give the turf a thorough combing. So, your regular maintenance involves brushing the turf.

Meets safety standards

Indoor training turf has been tested by several independent groups including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. And all of them have certified this turf meets all the requisite conditions. Besides, the gym turf is non-abrasive and slip resistant. 

Enhances performance

Artificial turf provides a stable surface that easily adjusts for any changes in weights and pressure. It helps athletes keep their natural rhythm during the training. Athletes can pivot and stretch without skidding or slipping.

All-year-round green cover

Growing real grass can be tricky in areas with heavy rain or snow. Indoor training turf is very close to real grass, and it is available all year round. Thus, it is perfect for athletes who are accustomed to training and playing on real outdoor grass.


Gym turf fibers and blades are very easy to disinfect. That’s why it’s a great candidate for personal training and group sessions. So, what are you waiting for? Give our turf installation professionals a call at 661-587-4602 to discuss your requirements.